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Soul Insights




Genres: Literature & Fiction, Poetry, Society & Culture

Book Type:Print & Digital

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A journey of emotional freedom. Soul Insights delves into the depths of the soul with rebellious disregard. Expressing the creativeness, ups and downs of life, love and everything in between. An enjoyable read of flowing thoughts and feelings merged together and giving an insight into ones inner workings. ~Example of what you will find inside: •Seduction• by Charlotte Fay I feel with conscious intention as you caress my soul. Weakening my heart, my body melts into your embrace. You hold me tightly in your seductive grasp and I give in to your deep desire. Your touch sending tingles all up, down and through me. I am with you my love, you can have all of me. Surrendering myself and surrendering my soul, You seduce me into an intoxicating coma, Feeding my soul with hot lust and tender love. My soulmate and playmate guiding me to climax, Distracting me from my own inhibitions and making me feel alive with a fire burning within me. I am alive with seduction. ~About the Author~ Charlotte Fay was born on May 2nd, in Kent, United Kingdom. Writing poetry is Charlottes strongest passion. It allows her to express her emotions and unleash her creative soul. She is the self-published author of the poetry books, Soul Insights and Lavender & Vines. Charlotte's creativity allows her heart to soar and her soul to be free which is something she aims to portray in her poetry and art pieces. Charlotte has a diploma in poetry writing which helped her to develop her poetry writing theme and style. If you like the poetry of Rupi Kaur and Arch Hades then this could be a book for you. You can support her work here Instagram: @Charlofay Twitter: @TheCharlotteFay

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9798644717941


Language: English

Interior: BW



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