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Alliance & Defiance




Genres: Literature & Fiction, Society & Culture, Teen & Young Adult



Book Type:Print & Digital

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Vallerie Renee Royce is an ambitious young woman, obsessed with a desire for money and power. Her mentor is the notorious mafia kingpin Felix Corbone. His guidance is pivotal, during her reign as president of her high school class. She learns quickly how to be ruthless, dictate authority, and use people, in order to get what she wants, making numerous enemies in the process. After high school, Vallerie ascends to great wealth, but she is still willing to sacrifice her family and friends for the sake of her high-profile status. She builds an empire thanks to the continued guidance of her mentor Felix Corbone. Vallerie’s world is shattered by her son’s tragic illness, causing her to have a religious experience, which inspires her to embrace opportunities for redemption and forgiveness. Even as an old enemy seeks revenge, her destiny becomes clear.


The TV reporter is questioning Vallerie Royce about the outcome of the arraignment hearing, in which the judge concluded that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Ms. Royce on charges of insider trading. “When you’re a successful black woman, you have to accept that people are going to try to bring you down anyway they can.” “Ms. Royce, how do you account for the fact that another successful black woman, and a former high school classmate has been trying to prosecute you?” “It’s an ego problem, pure and simple. It’s difficult for Ms. Williams to accept the fact that I’m more powerful, more beautiful and more intelligent than she could ever hope to be.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

Edition: 2



Language: English

Pages: 449

Interior: BW

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I was inspired to read, because of programs like "The Book Mobile." Reading opened up a whole new world of imagination for me. As I grew up, I found that I a flair for writing, and I decided it was time to write my own stories, and hopefully inspire someone like myself to stretch their imagination through reading and writing.

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