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Choose Your Own Adventure: An Orientation Manual to the Universe




Genres: Health, Fitness & Dieting, Religion & Spirituality, Society & Culture




Book Type:Print & Digital

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Have you ever hoped that you could choose your own life adventure? Have you ever dreamed of being the hero and saving the day? We often look at life in terms of what has happened to us, rarely taking the opportunity to examine life’s circumstances and consider how to use those experiences to create the life we truly desire. If we are paying attention and seeing life from the highest vantage point, how can we be anything but the hero in our adventure? Author Chauncey McGlathery has cracked a code that will help you navigate through the universe with the challenges life presents. If you dare to dream, this book will help you explore the spaces in your mind where conflicts of truth and the false realities we desperately cling to in times of despair can be released and exchanged for light, goodness and consciousness. You will gain the tools to help you choose your own adventure and allow others to do the same, put all of your energy into who you are in the universe and not let what anyone else is or is not doing affect you at all, and fight the temptation to compare who you are or what you have with anyone else. On the other side of these conflicts you will emerge having learned vital lessons. You will be prepared for the adventures of living in the universe yet to be revealed.


We need to bring our focus back to our breath and allow the universe to fulfill its promise to us. When we prioritize ourselves instead of the work we do for others, our rest will restore the body and the mind. Since I accepted this journey, I have been resting better than ever. I feel my body returning to a condition of health I have not experienced since high school. All those days and nights of headaches and stress are a thing of the past. My renewal happens not just in sinews and synapses but at the quantum level.

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