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The Billionaire Actor




Genres: Literature & Fiction, Romance

Book Type:Digital

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In the glittering world of fame, money, and impossible dreams, one billionaire actor, Henry Bailey, yearns for the one thing he cannot buy – love. The year is 2016, and London is the backdrop to this tantalizing tale of passion and desire. At the tender age of thirty-one, Henry is a household name, celebrated for his mesmerizing looks and unparalleled talent. But behind the glamorous façade, he is a man who longs for simplicity, misunderstood by all who surround him. Despite the fame, fortune, and an entourage of admirers, he is searching for the ordinary in an extraordinary life. Then, a chance encounter at a fan event turns his world upside down. Alba Fisher, a striking twenty-five-year-old, enters his life in a way he never expected. Little does he know, Alba is not just another adoring fan. She is here on behalf of her best friend, Michelle, and her intentions are far from romantic. A twist of fate sets the stage for an unconventional romance. When Henry seeks Alba's number, she hands him Michelle's, setting in motion a chase that will test their emotions, principles, and convictions. Alba's reservations about Henry's complicated life and rocky relationship history become a barrier, and she is determined not to be the next in line to have her heart broken. As the story unfolds, Henry's pursuit takes him to Scotland, where he discovers Alba with another man. It is a turning point that pushes him to fight for her like never before, unveiling a tumultuous battle of hearts and minds, desire and fear. Alba's fears of falling into a trap clash with her growing feelings for Henry. In The Billionaire Actor, love is a pursuit filled with obstacles, a passion that refuses to be extinguished.


Are you scared of the connection between us?โ€ he laughed and asked me the most difficult question ever.

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Book Type: Digital

Edition: 1

Publisher: Alpha Novel


Language: English (Mauritius)

Interior: BW

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