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Cléopâtre And Inaya: The Obstinate And The Gifted




Genres: Literature & Fiction, Parenting & Family, Weddings

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Two different stories in one book; a novelette and a short story. OBSTINACY-The Dauntless Chase: Enter the extraordinary world of Cléopâtre Lamaure, a woman whose spirit and resilience defy the weight of the burdens she carries. At the tender age of thirty-one, she has experienced more hardships than one should bear. Her soul has been crushed, and her dreams have been confined by unimaginable atrocities. Yet, against all odds, she summons an indomitable strength, rising heroically to face every challenge that comes her way. As you delve into Cléopâtre's remarkable journey, you can't help but wonder what drives her forward. What force sustains her in the face of adversity? Is it the flicker of hope that glimmers within her heart, refusing to be extinguished? Is it an unwavering faith in her own abilities, a belief that she possesses the power to overcome any obstacle? Or perhaps, she perseveres for the sake of someone else, driven by selfless dedication to protect and uplift those she holds dear. A Token Of Love: Immerse yourself in a poignant tale of love and resilience as Inaya, a single mother burdened by a painful past, discovers the transformative power of a chance encounter with Hadi. However, their story takes an unexpected turn on their wedding night when Hadi's actions leave Inaya feeling betrayed and devastated. Will Hadi have a change of heart or will their relationship spiral towards divorce?

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9798838162427

Publisher: Self Published


Language: English (Mauritius)

Interior: BW

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