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Oscar's Tale




Genres: Action & Adventure, Historical Fiction, History

Book Type:Digital

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OSCAR’S TALE by Chris bishop Oscar’s Tale is that of a Saxon boy who sets out to find and rescue his father who has been taken by Viking slavers. The story begins in 877, just prior to the Viking attack on Chippenham in which King Alfred was routed. Against this backdrop, Oscar is obliged to set out on his all but impossible quest and quickly becomes embroiled in all that’s going on in Wessex at this turbulent time, culminating in him playing a small but important part in the battle at Edington. But this is not just a story about blood thirsty battles and fearsome warriors, it’s about a boy struggling to live up to his father’s reputation as a warrior and trying to find his place in a dangerous and uncertain world. For that, he is forced to confront many dangers and earn the respect of others who are far above his station. Along the way he also finds love – albeit at a cost far higher than most would have been willing to pay. ‘For is it not the wish of every man that his son will achieve more in life than he did?’

Book Details

Book Type: Digital

Publisher: Historium


Language: English

Pages: 171

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Chris Bishop was born in London in 1951. After a successful career as a chartered surveyor, he retired to concentrate on writing, combining this with his lifelong interest in history. His other interests include fly fishing, windsurfing and travel

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