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Intrigue On a Longship Cruise




Genres: Action & Adventure, History, Travel & Leisure



Book Type:Print & Digital

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This novel is the story of Arielle and her aunt, Eloise. They have gone on a river cruise in the South of France, up the Rhône River, for a vacation together after the pandemic. It has two stories in one: a travelogue, plus a tale of murder, and the threat of something much worse than murder. What could be worse than murder, you might ask? Read it to find out.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781734374315

ISBN-10: 1734374314

Publisher: QueenBeeEdit


Language: English

Pages: 390

Interior: Color

Keywords: , , , ,


Author-Editor-Publisher. Website: Topics: overpopulation, ecosystems collapse, honeybee colony collapse, Asperger's, economic meltdown.

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