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Surviving My Path Through Suicide Loss




Genres: Nonfiction

Book Type:Digital

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Penny woke up one morning to her life shattered before her like a 1000pc puzzle. She never stops looking for what did she need to survive another moment to get to a day that turns into months and years. How her life journey through suicide loss brought her to discover her survival tools and live a life of joy and happiness. Then to assist others to find their healing. It was vital to find that safe, non-judgemental environment to speak openly as she felt so raw and very fragile.


The Drama begins after suicide touches Penny’s life. The Relevance of her experience will embed itself within your belief system from this point forward. The Authenticity of the author’s vulnerability bring the purpose of her survival to light. The Character Arc is the harsh life lesson reality has set in our mind The After Effect is a true heartfelt reality that makes surviving so worth achieving.

Book Details

Book Type: Digital

ISBN-13: 9781777589912

Publisher: Penny Myers


Language: English

Pages: 93

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