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Mine Forever




Genres: Business & Money, Romance

Book Type:Digital

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what will you do when you accidently sleep with that person, whom you cannot tolerate Infront of your eyes? Nandini Diwan is an orphan and inherits a billion dollar company from her parents, but she has to give a huge test before she could get her hands on the company left by her parents to her. To Qualify that test she has to attend a college without her friends and Hide her real identity from the world. Namit Malhotra and his Friends are also rich spoilt brats and rules Excel University, He loves his mother and friends a lot, they are his world. Both Namit and Nandini has a dominating character and both of them love there friends a lot, they cant tolerate each other even for a sec. What will happen when they both will sleep with each other in there weakest state?

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Book Type: Digital

Publisher: Booknet


Language: English

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