My Love is Deep


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"I'm not ashamed for having loved. It is, I was once told, the best reason for dying and the only reason for living." Peter Travis is an attractive, single man in his 50's. Yet he's lonely. He was engaged once but his heart is empty now. He lives a quiet life in the country, just outside of Ottawa and although he has had his fair share of offers, he refuses to date. One woman remains on his mind and even more so now, after he receives a letter. After nearly 20 years apart, she's invited him to meet her once again, at the tree in Niagara Falls where they were engaged in 1986. Peter must fight with his own demons and summon the courage to reunite with his true love, a feisty Italian beauty who approached him in a bar in downtown Ottawa in the 80's. Will he have the courage to put his heart on the line once again? What forces will prevent them from rekindling their love? "My Love is Deep" is set in the year 2000 with 1980's flashbacks, describing a love that many of us seek and some never find. Above all else, it will remind you to love deep, always.


Do you know how incredibly beautiful you are?” I brushed a strand of hair off her face. “God, you are just so, so lovely.” Before descending to the ground and on my knees, I hugged her tight and she shivered. At the first sound of my words, her eyes opened wide and her lips started to tremble. “There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love you.” I grew emotional myself and struggled to maintain control. “But I know there are at least four. Will you…Will you marry me?” She had dropped to her knees herself, then. She was covering her mouth and starting to cry and every time she tried to speak, the words came out garbled through tears. Finally, she just nodded her head and tackled me to the ground in a hug and a kiss. As we lay there in the cold grass – she whispered in my ear, “I will make you happy forever.”

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Despite being a multi-genre author, I enjoy writing dark stories the most. There's something hauntingly beautiful about the dark and mysterious side of life.

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