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Ronaldo: The Vixen Pederson Workshop: An Illustrated Early Readers Chapter Book for 6-10




Genres: Children's Books

Book Type:Print & Digital

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He dreams of winning the North Pole sleigh race. But, his teammate is sure to wreck things! Santa’s top reindeer, Vixen Pederson, is hosting a teamwork workshop—and Ronaldo has his flying goggles packed and ready to go! In training for a sleigh race, the cadets must work together to win the ultimate prize—Jingle Bells! But Ronaldo’s dream turns into a nightmare when Cupid joins his side. She’s the worst flying cadet, ever! And his squabbling teammates are plotting to put her out of the race. But Cupid isn’t who she appears to be. And when Ronaldo discovers she is the granddaughter of a world famous flying champion, he suspects she is guarding a secret. And the only way to lead his team to victory—is to find out what it is. Ronaldo: Vixen's Flying Workshop is a fun-filled flying adventure with important life lessons for children on compassion, kindness, and teamwork. Infused with heart and laughter, the latest in the Ronaldo series is perfect for both the young and young at heart! Buy Ronaldo: Vixen's Flying Workshop and race to the finish line today!


Ronaldo rummaged under the bed. Where were they? The bedroom door flew open and his dad stomped into the room. “I’m so excited! I haven’t slept a wink.” He stumbled over Ronaldo’s back hooves and sloshed half a mug of steaming hot chocolate over the rug. Ronaldo crawled out from under the bed. “But you’re not going to the North Pole, Dad – I am!” He twirled a pair of cherry-red flying goggles in the air, quivering from antler to tail. “I can’t wait to see Vixen Pederson again!” Ronaldo said. He gazed at the poster of his hero plastered on the wall, a golden Jingle Bell glinting around his thick, raven-black collar. “I’m gonna fly out of my fur to impress him.” Ronaldo grabbed the mug from his dad and sat on the bed beside him. “I wonder if Santa will be there,” Dad said, staring into space. “I’ve wanted to meet him my whole life.” “There’s Carrot Flakes in the kitchen!” Mum hollered from downstairs. Dad jumped up from the bed. The sudden bounce took Ronaldo by surprise and he slopped the rest of his drink over the covers. When the spillage had been mopped up, Ronaldo brushed and flossed his teeth, combed the knots out of his fur, and polished his antlers with Reindeer Glow, a new wax advertised on the TV. Finally, he pulled on leggings, his best Aran-knit jumper, and hurried downstairs. “Have you packed your flying goggles?” Mum asked. “Yep,” Ronaldo answered, sitting down at the kitchen table. “And a spare set?” Ronaldo nodded. He had packed a spare set for the spare set… and the red set just in case. He sprinkled a teaspoon of sugar over his cereal. Mum whipped the sugar bowl away before he had the chance to take anymore. “You must be so excited,” she said. “I am!” Dad replied. “Not you! Ronaldo!” “I am ex-thited!” Ronaldo said with his mouth full of Carrot Flakes. He paused to wipe milk off his chin. “But I suppose I’m a bit nervous, too.” “Nervous? You’re the top Flying Cadet at the Reindeer Flying Academy!” “But it’s a teamwork workshop, Mum, and I’ve never flown in a group.” “Well, you’ll be learning from Santa’s team! They’re the best flyers in the world.” “Let’s go,” Dad called from the hallway. He held his son’s red flying jacket out for him. Ronaldo slipped his arms through the sleeves and pulled on his hat. “Have a fabulous time,” Mum said, hugging him. “And don’t go wandering anywhere on your own.” “Yes, the North Pole is FULL of dangerous animals,” Dad added. Mum gave him a hard stare. “I promise I’ll stay with the school group,” Ronaldo said. He kissed his mum on the cheek and waved goodbye. The early morning sky was black as liquorice. But fresh snow made the woods appear brighter. Father and son trudged towards the Meeting Point. The crunching of their hooves and the hoot of a distant owl were the only sounds in the otherwise silent forest. An orange light glimmered up ahead. “What’s that?” Dad asked, squinting. “Rudi’s new leggings,” Ronaldo chuckled. “They glow in the dark.” Ronaldo’s best friend was waiting with his dad. “I’ve been awake all night,” Rudi said with eyes as huge as plum puddings. “I’m so excited I think I’m going to explode!” The young reindeer jabbered on together as they trekked towards the flying school. “I wonder how we’re getting to the North Pole,” Rudi said...

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BIOGRAPHYI was born in London but now live in Bali with my partner, Mark. I am an author and illustrator and self-published my first children’s book, Ronaldo: The Reindeer Flying Academy last December. So how did a pizza loving Pilates instructor and self-confessed Disney geek end up in writing a book in South East Asia? Maybe its best I rewind back to the 70’s and explain… for the full interview -

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