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Small Nap, Little Dream




Genres: Children's Books, Education & Teaching

Book Type:Print & Digital

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This playful story celebrates the joy of a refreshing nap--while introducing some simple Spanish vocabulary. Young children are busy all day long--running and climbing, looking and laughing--and in the middle of a full day of fun, there's nothing like taking a break for a small nap. This is the time of day to have a little dream--sueñito--that gives the afternoon some added sweetness. Look at me RUN. Mis pies go fast! Look at me READ. Mis ojos explore! Kids will soon be chiming in with the Spanish words for their body parts, as they wind down and get ready for that refreshing nap. And they will love poring through the pages of toddlers at play in an imaginary multicolored world that is full of happiness, setting the stage for their dreams.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9780525517825

ISBN-10: 0525517820

Edition: 1


Language: English

Pages: 32



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