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Empowering Perspectives for Success & Happiness




Genres: Religion & Spirituality, Self Help & Relationships

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Answers to over a hundred questions about life, reality, society, inner peace, success and wisdom written from empowering perspectives which helps us melt away opposition and roadblocks in our path to success and happiness


Why is it important to be compassionate to oneself? Unless we are compassionate with ourselves how can we be compassionate with others? If I am incapable of feeling my own emotions, then I am completely numb. Today all of us suffer from this malady. We misread our own emotions and get mislead by others’ lies and posturing. That is how conmen and charlatans thrive in this world. If you think the world is full of rogues trying to take advantage of you at every turn and you are unsure of whom to trust and whom not, you suffer from numbness. The first step to re-awakening our feelings is by being compassionate with ourselves. As we place our awareness on our own feelings our sensitivity is rekindled. As our self-intimacy deepens, we are able to feel the emotions of people around us. Now we can clearly see who is true and who is a fake. This would not have been possible had we not rekindled our compassion with ourselves! How can I stay cool under pressure? Yes, it is possible to train ourselves to be calm under extreme pressure. This can be achieved by training ourselves first to be calm at normal times. When we are agitated with or without provocation day in and day out, we can never be calm under pressure. Our agitations are mostly linked to our thoughts and the resulting emotional flow. When my mind generates fearful thoughts constantly and I fight hard to suppress my welling emotions I lose my calm often. Hence, I must begin to train myself to become aware of my fearful thoughts. Once I become aware I can fact check them or take proper mitigation measures. For example, if I am afraid to meet strange people, I can observe for thoughts that arise in me which say that all strangers are dangerous persons. Once I become aware of my fearful thoughts, I can do a simple fact check by approaching random strangers on the street and engaging in short harmless interactions with them. Once I see no danger in interacting with strangers, I can negate my fearful thoughts directly. I also need to work with my emotions - fear mostly - that destroy my peace. By lovingly approaching my fear and holding myself as a loving parent would, I can calm myself gently. When I consistently calm myself in this way, my agitations cease mostly. I am ready to face extreme pressures. But this does not mean I will be calm in the face of extreme pressures. I need to work diligently to calm myself in real life pressure situations. There will be several failures and it will look almost impossible to be calm in the face of extreme pressure. But by persevering patiently with ourselves without anger, remorse or hate, we will eventually succeed in remaining calm under extreme pressures.

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Book Type: Print & Digital


Language: English

Pages: 130

Interior: BW

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