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Amber M. Kestner is a West Virginian author that specializes in writing lesbian romance fiction. She was born in Orlando, Florida, raised in Homosassa, Florida and is currently residing in Sutton, West Virginia with her family. She loves being a mom first an foremost her son Kami is her whole world. She also loves reading, gaming, cooking, and baking. Amber represents the LGBTQ+ Community with Pride because she is lesbian and stands proud to be apart of the Community. In 2016, she became an Indie Author with her first series called A Girl For Her that is one of her favorites. Her favorite book is She's My Kind Of Country. Her favorite genres to read is Children's Novels or Series, Young Adult, and Fantasy. She has many favorite writers/authors which are: W.A. Ashes, K.D. Hilt, Angelina Kerner, Nikki Pierce, Pixie Chicka, Marissa Meyer, Richelle Mead, and so many more the list could on forever. Amber is a small town woman that plans to fill every readers dreams with her stories in the lesbian genre for many years to come. She is strong, resilient, and determined to keep representing the LGBTQ+ Community with faith that she can keep on writing until she can't anymore. She leaves you with this advice: Keep writing!

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