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Conrad grew up in a faith-healing church and for many years lived with his family on a small farm in Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Having been a very reckless teenager and now having various health issues Conrad no longer goes to the faith-healing church. He does various styles of art and did the novel’s cover in Blender 3D. Conrad got into computers and assembled systems starting in the ’90s and writing small programs. Getting up the nerve, he moved to Lake Tahoe California to be with his girlfriend. Ten years later, Conrad headed back to Philly. He decided to go to college in 2014 for Information Technology and graduated with an Associate of Applied Science along with Network+ certification. Conrad inserts his life experiences into his novels, though usually the unpleasant ones are put in. Of course, these events are written with a good bit of artistic licensing. Concerned with racism, sexism, people’s behavior towards disabilities, and other injustices, Conrad writes these in as part of the stories world that the characters have to deal with in their lives. To relax Conrad enjoys watching pretty much any documentary including ones with anthropology, human experiences, science, technology, nature. For a more adventurous time, he delights in anything with superheroes. And don’t forget the music, everything from happy hardcore to hardcore metal.

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