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I have been greatly inspired by the gift of poetry and writing. I was gifted the gift of poetry while sitting on a park bench in Gidea park in May 2018. I have continued to write daily and have created over 500 poems some Children books, Faith book and Adults inspiration and Transformation poetry. I would encourage you to look I have also co authored in four Anthologies and three Poetry Anthology this brought me into contact with coaches, publishers and a host of authors. I am grateful for those friendships and continue to work on building positive . I have seven published books, four best sellers and four self published. Published books Journeys of Life Volume information and Transformation poetry Volumes -1-3 A Childs Journey Through Poetry -Vol 1-2 Journey of a Childs Faith -Vol 1 A day on a Journey to Lakeside Shopping Mall Vol 1 Seven years of Bondage -All that glitters is not gold by Koko Danielle’s

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