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Kejo Black was reared on sci-fi/fantasy stories and read them voraciously as a child, losing himself in the imagination of alien worlds and dangerous realms. It got to the point that he had two sets of friends while growing up. There were his outdoor friends, who he saw every day. But then there were his indoor friends, visited just as frequently. These included such names as Asimov, Clarke, Herbert, Bradbury and Heinlein. Now, years later, he finds himself an accidental author in the genres he still loves just as much. Stories that have filled his head since he was young are slowly starting to find their way to paper, and the places and people that were dreams for so long are coming to life. Kejo is continuing to write in his free time, as often as that occurs, and hopes his characters and stories inspire others to lose themselves in the incredible world of imagination. He currently lives in Florida with his wife and children, where they own a business and take care of their dogs, cats, horses, donkey and goat.

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