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Douglas Setter is an award-winning author and critically acclaimed writer of self-help wellness, fitness, and healthy lifestyle as we age. His extensive background, education, and life experiences in writing all his books in hopes of motivating and changing readers’ lives. He is a former crime reporter, UN peacekeeping soldier, paratrooper, and kick-boxing title champion. His kick-boxing and training inspired his book titled “One Less Victim: a crime prevention manual.” The authors’ published titles are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many fine online book sites. Setter’s background in nutrition, decades of fitness instruction experiences, and overcoming his injuries produced his book “Stomach Flattening.” Wanting to enjoy alcohol without destroying his health created his book “Reduce Your Alcohol Craving” and “Simple Secrets to Handle Your Alcohol Better: Student’s Edition. His first novel about crime and childhood bullying, titled “Selo,” was awarded first place in teen literature from ‘The Global E-book Awards.’ When the author is not writing, he runs his business as a personal fitness trainer and enjoys training clients for better health and wellness as we age. Doug enjoys traveling the west coast and resides in the Vancouver area of Canada.

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