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What has lied to us men




Genres: Nonfiction, Self Help & Relationships, Society & Culture

Book Type:Print & Digital

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What has lied to us men goes into great detail about the methods we men can use to bring our essences back to pure masculinity and how we can confront and better manage our fears as men. The book delves into the subject of thought by coaching us men to learn how to prevent our thoughts from harming our loved ones by way of speak or action. Essentially it teaches in depth about the elements which combine in the midst of our humanity to ensure that pure masculinity completes femininity. In this light, it encourages us men to take a deeper look at letting go of what is not true. The book impresses upon us the guidelines of avoiding traps to awareness and responding to episodes of emptiness. It persuades us men to stop making excuses about our frame of mind. This title emphasizes the importance of our actions, being more worthy of our respect than wavering emotions in the midst of pure and correct truth. The written work motivates South African and all Men to strive to be better men who submit their cognizance to the power to carry out love towards their spouses or partners. The book consistently offers us ways to improve our communication and relationship skills. Throughout the book, the text will highlight the significance of us men bringing misogyny and male bigotry to an end for the sake of femininity and innocence. The focus is to help us men overcome our problems with gender based violence.


The overarching question is whether men are ever man enough to drink alcohol. The truth is that only real men can drink alcohol. It is also the same a distinguished gentleman with superior discernment who politely refrains from alcohol when it is necessary to do so or is able to completely stop drinking alcohol for good. There are innumerable responsibilities that come with the consumption of alcohol. A real man can respect each one. Respecting the responsibilities of drinking also entails being very wary of our truths as men. A distinguished man is mature enough to know that it is not actually the consumption of alcohol that is of any interest, it is actually the man himself. So men that are guilty of using alcohol as an excuse to destroy the spirits of others invite untold horrific consequences for their healing and faith. A man that drinks alcohol in such a manner forgoes his right to heal from his emotional disorders. As alcohol is about the man, the man should only be concerned with the truths he discovers within himself whether or not he is under the influence of alcohol. Consumption of alcohol is an aspect of lifestyle that requires considerable maturity and high standards of awareness. A man’s ambition and success are forever in his own hands. Only real men of remarkable character can adhere to the latter. A man who has no interest in his own healing must seriously consider his reasons for wanting to engage in alcohol abuse. Drinking responsibly is a great virtue that allows a man to measure himself up against his pride and to condition his will. Themes that centre around a man’s thoughts about alcohol must be founded and enrich his virtues. A man that supports himself with awareness, self-control and temperance positively improves his attitude towards his uncertainty. He masterfully serves his aversion to risk and improves his skill at dealing with and overcoming personal doubts. A man’s approach to consuming alcohol requires much introspection and deep discussion. Are we men brave enough to confront our issues and speak candidly about our various emotional challenges? Are we ever man enough to drink responsibly?

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9798506473640


Language: English

Pages: 205

Interior: BW

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Malulu Yako is a BCom graduate, male feminist, preoccupied with the study of self enabling masculinity, initiate of the Xhosa rites of passage into manhood, researcher of the pure systems of African masculine spirituality and member of the Thembu people of which Nelson Mandela was a royal and proponent of chiefdom and democracy in South Africa.

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