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Summerside to Manhattan




Genres: Erotica, Romance

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Elissa Peterson, a small-town girl from Summerside, P.E.I. She graduated from Holland College at twenty-one with a degree in graphic design. Her dream is to move out of this small town and move to a big city to start her career, she just didn't know where yet. She applied to a few companies in different big cities all around Canada. She received an email from her professor, Abigail Johnson. A company in Manhattan, New York contacted Abigail looking for a graphic designer and they wanted to know which student finished at the top of the class. Abigail didn't hesitate to give them Elissa's name. She also included the contact information for Elissa to apply for H.S. Business and Advertising Inc.  As excited as Elissa was that a big time company in New York was interested in her, it scared her to death at the same time. She told her professor she'd think about it for a few days before applying. Her parents supported any decision she'd make, but it did sadden them to think she was thinking of moving so far away. After careful consideration, she decided what the hell: no guts, no glory, right? She applied and got a response two days later saying they would love to interview her and were looking forward to meeting an impressive student that finished at the top of her class. They also informed her they would pay for all the expenses for her flight and stay. Her parents drove her to the airport on June ninth. It was an early flight scheduled for eight twenty-five. Elissa barely slept all night with all the butterflies this new adventure was causing. She just did not know what this new adventure would hold for her. Until she met Hayden Smith, President, and owner of H.S. Business and Advertising Inc. He graduated from New York University at twenty-two with a Business degree, he worked for another company for a year and then used his trust fund to start his own company. Three years later he was considered one of the wealthiest eligible bachelors at twenty-six. He's a strong-willed, very dominant man with a very kinky sexual side to him.  *This book is intended for 18+ explicit scenes of BDSM and other kinky practices with vulgar language. Not suited for everyone.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

Edition: 446

Publisher: Cindy Pearson


Language: English

Pages: 446

Interior: BW



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