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Privilege Chained




Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction



Book Type:Print & Digital

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Penelope “Penny” had been the Queen of her High School. She was beautiful, popular, and spoiled. After her boyfriend dumped her at the graduation party, she drowned her sorrows in Vodka before tearing out in her sports car. In the wake of the terrible crash that claimed the lives of dozens, Penny was sentenced to serve life as property. She expected her Daddy to rescue her at the post trial auction. Instead, she was purchased by the domineering Mr. Hershel who legally changed her name to “Jiggles” and Informed her that she was now his plaything.


As they rounded to the front of the house, she heard a neighing. She instinctively turned toward it. About fifty yards from the house, she saw a white barn with green trim next to a white fenced enclosed riding ring. “Do you ride, Jiggles?” he asked her. “Used to.” she responded before she realized what he had called her. She seethed and ground her teeth. “If you’re a good girl, maybe you can again.” he replied before giving her leash another gentle tug and pulling open the front door. Inside, Penny felt a chill as the moisture from her skin hit the cool air. To her right a staircase climbed to the second floor where the railing continued across the walkway that traversed the entrance. To her left was the arch to a dining room. Mr. Herschel led her straight through the foyer, through a short hall and into a large living area. Every floor was hardwood with throw rugs over top. He pulled her to the right, across the living room and through a door beside a large ornate fireplace into a massive bedroom with a four post canopy bed on a raised dais. There was carpet in here and Penny’s stomach flipped a little when she saw the bed. To her surprise and relief, he continued past the bed, across the room, through a short hall and into another room, also carpeted. It had a twin bed, and a vanity. The entire right wall was a closet with the doors removed. A collection of short dresses and gowns hung there. Against the wall by the door was an antique dresser. Mr. Herschel turned to face her, still holding her leash. “This is your room. The bathroom is through my room.” he motioned with his head toward the closet. “You will get out of that jumpsuit and into something pretty. Everything in there should fit you.” “How?” Penny asked. “The auction was this morning?” “I’ve had my eye on you since the first news story, Jiggles.” he said as he stepped forward with a key and unlocked the leash from her stiff collar. “There is makeup on in the vanity. The colors should compliment you.” He stepped back, leash coiled in his hand. “If I like how you look, I might change your collar.” He turned and left her alone in the room. Penny watched him disappear through the hallway to his room and realized that her room had no door. She stood in stunned silence for a moment. Looking back at the closet, his voice echoed “I’ve had my eye on you since the first...” This man had been watching her suffer over the past few weeks while he bought outfits and waited for her to go up on auction. The idea was sick, and now he owned her. She shivered at the thought and as she crossed to the closet and began tracing her fingers through the thin cloth. Everything was short, low-cut and flimsy. The closest thing to pants were a pair of shiny booty shorts. She heard ice clink in the kitchen and her fingers went up the damn posture collar she still wore.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9798411754155

Edition: 1

Publisher: Dark Fantasy Press


Language: English

Pages: 50

Interior: BW

Keywords: , , ,


We are just a kinky couple who like to write. Kinky Books? Genderswap stories? Maledom Stories? BDSM Blogging? Embrace your Dark Fantasies

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