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Maroussia: A Maid of Ukraine




Genres: Children's Books, Historical Fiction, Romance


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The French variant of Maroussia by P.J. Stahl (i.e., Pierre Jules Hetzel) was based on the Russian children’s novel of the same name by Marko Vovchok. The French variant was first published in 1875—1876 in the Parisian journal Le Temps, and afterwards reprinted in 1878 in Vol. XXVII of the the Parisian journal Magasin d’éducation et de récréation. That same year in 1878 it came out as a separate book under the title Maroussia; d’apres la legende de Marko Wovtschok par P.J. Stahl. Later it was republished in many different editions in France and was awarded a prize by the Academie francaise. Afterwards this French variant was translations into many languages, including, among others, German, Italian English and Ukranian. This book is a 1890 English translation by Cornelia W. Cyr, which gives no credit to Marko Vovchok. The 1890 Cyr edition is illustrated with 10 full page black and white illustrations by an unidentified artist (the signature on the engravings appears to be THS or T.H. Schuler).

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