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Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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D-do you think I-I am that kind of women? Do y-you think that I w-would let you take my v-virginity when I h-have a? She said in a painful tone. But he was staring at her with his emotionless eyes. " Okay. I want a paternity test." B-but I don't have m-money for a paternity test. " She mumbled, He laughs sarcastically. He knew it! He then looks at her with his fierce and sarcastic eyes. " You don't have money? I knew why you're here. Cheap women like you use this trick to blackmail famous businessman. "She looked at him in disbelief. " D-do you think Do think I'm you gold-digger? She mumbled with her teary eyes as she looks at him; he stare at her with a cool look. Did she come all the way here to hear his judgement, insulting words? Her tears fall, and she quickly wipes it. She looked at him with anger and pain in her eyes.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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