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a love for an eye




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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"Lonely cold nights without anyone by your side, watching your father die in front of your eyes, watching your Mum lay like a lifeless body has undoubtedly made me cold from inside out. And let me tell you, it's not pleasant. I can be a monster with bad people and an angel with good, but for these people, I'm willing to get to my lowest point where I'll make them cry tears of pain. From this cruel man, all I want to take away is his pride and crush it between my fingers, and that's my promise to you wang. I'll do it, just watch how I play with your daughter and mess with your head. I'm sure you'll die out of grief only by trying to save her."Just wait and watch how i break your daughter piece by piece. The game has begun...

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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