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Kashvi is a rich girl who is loved by her families. Therefore,she thinks that each member in her family is very kind and friendly to everyone. However, her elder brother treated her step-sister badly. She can’t believe that her brother should be so cruel to her step-sister. She feels sorry for her poor step-sister, while she has no way to change her fate. Eventually, she escapes from her family because she can’t stand such a suffocating atmosphere. To avoid being stopped by her families, she tells them that she needs to attend a friend’s wedding in another state. On the way to a new palace where she needn’t to face her families, she encounters a cute little boy who is crying alone. She can’t help approaching him and asking why he cries so sadly. He said that he can’t find his parents. She dials the number which is written on the card pinned to his chest. A man tells her to send the boy to his house because he is stuck with his work. Then, the innocent girl is put under house arrest. Then what will happen to the poor girl?

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