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Understanding Sexual Response




Genres: Education & Teaching, Nonfiction, Self Help & Relationships


Book Type:Print

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Having only ever experienced a true sexual release through masturbation alone, I gradually came to the realisation that many assumptions about female sexuality defy common sense. Understanding Sexual Response sets out my research work, which involves asking other women how they achieve the orgasms with a lover that are portrayed in erotic fiction. I discuss the similarities and differences between my own sexuality and the equivalent male behaviours and responses that I have observed in my male lovers.


Hi, I am Jane Thomas, the sex educator and researcher. My work challenges the many misconceptions and contractions in our beliefs about the orgasms women are assumed to be capable of with a lover. I ask women and their lovers to explain the erotic turn-ons, the anatomy and the stimulation technique involved in female orgasm. I am so grateful to those few individuals who have been willing to comment. I have even learned from the universal silence and drawn my own conclusions from it.

Book Details

Book Type: Print

ISBN-13: 9780956894762

Publisher: Nosper Books


Language: English

Pages: 41

Interior: BW



I am Jane Thomas, the sex educator and researcher. I promote enjoyment of eroticism, sexual pleasuring and caring behaviours. I am passionate about combatting sexual ignorance. Please feel free to contact me with your comments! I don’t call myself a feminist. I believe that men and women have a right to equal respect. Neither do I think of myself as a sexologist. I call myself a sex writer because I write about sex in the detail necessary to facilitate an understanding of sexual issues. I give those, who are interested, the opportunity to read and consider the consequences of what I am saying.

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