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I Am Not Your Wife




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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Who was this guy? Soooo hot! I was sure I've never met him. He said he was my fiance and called me Katty. And the other people also called me Katty. But I am Ela, not Katty!!! ...... "Ahhhhhhh..." Ela screamed after regaining her consciousness. She pressed her temple while looking around the strange atmosphere. This was neither her home nor the hospital. She remembered that she was hit by a high-speed car which appeared from nowhere at the time when she was crossing the road to get the bus in front of her office. She fainted on the spot. While Ela was emerged in her thoughts, a man entered the room. He was a tall and handsome man with dark brown eyes, straight nose and very charming face. One can easily see his cold aura. "Are you alright?" He asked worriedly. "Who are you? Where am I?" Instead of answering, Ela crossed questioned. "What a silly question? I am your fiancé Devin and we are at home." Ela frowned and tried to get up, but could not stand up due to sprain in her ankle. She shouted "What rubbish… Are you mad? I have never seen you nor I am engaged with anybody. Who brought me here? I remembered I was hit by a car and fainted. Ouch... How did I come here?" "It seems that you lost your memory or you are deliberately teasing me. I am sorry for that day. I was facing some hardship in my company. That's why I said that we can't get married this year. But now as everything is settle, so I don't think we should delay it any more. We'll go get our marriage certificate tomorrow," Devin replied. Hearing this, Ela got furious and shouted, "Don't sprout nonsense! Send me immediately to my home! Or I will sue you for kidnapping and forcing me." Devin startled and threw a cold look, "It seems that you are having some other plans. I shouldn't have given you so much spare time. Katty, don't challenge my limits." Ela frowned, "Katty? Now who is this Katty? I am Ela… Ela David." Hearing this, Devin got furious. he pinched on Ela's chin hard and said, "Enough! Not a single more word… Please behave, otherwise don't blame me for being tough." After saying that, he stood and got out of the room, slamming the door behind. Ela was confused and frightened. She forgot the pain in her ankle and once again tried to get up but again fell down. Suddenly the door opened and a mid-aged woman entered into the room, "Hello Miss, how are you now?" "Who are you?" Ela asked. "I... I'm Lisa, the housekeeper of this mansion. You use to call me Lisa aunty," Lisa said politely, "Sir has told me to check your ankle, please show me your ankle." Then she took Ela's ankle and frowned, "Oh, it's sprained! Let me deal with it!" After bandage, she helped her to freshen up and said, "You just take rest miss. I'll bring your dinner here." As she approached towards the door, Ela called her, "Wait… ummm... aunt Lisa?" "Yes miss!" Lisa replied. "What is the name of your Sir? Where is this place? How do you all know me?" Ella bombarded. Listening those questions, Lisa frozen as lightning struck on her. She startled and said, "Miss, you are Sir's... I mean Mr. Devin Hawk's fiancée. Both of you are engaged for two years. Although you don't belong to any renowned family, but Mr. Devin dotes on you very much. He even fought with his family to marry you. This place is Mr. Devin's private mansion." After listening the statement of Lisa, Ela got confused. She thought that she may be sleeping or in comma and all these things were her dreams. She pinched hard herself and screamed in pain. "Ahhh… how on the earth this is all real?" She was puzzled, but due to pain in ankle, she was helpless to remain in bed. Now at this moment, she looked around the room. It was a very large room with a king-size bed, a couch and a coffee table. The exclusive curtains were hanging on the French windows while a big painting was hanging on the front wall. The room was simple but elegant. While Ela was emerged in her thoughts, she did not noticed that someone has brought the food trolley. When she regained her senses, she found Devin in front of her looking her dotingly. She frowned, "Mr. Hawk, I'm sorry to trouble you, could you please arrange someone to drop me at my house?" "Mr. Hawk… have you forgot my name? Do you want me to remind you our relationship?" Devin uttered sarcastically.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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