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The KING'S Sweetheart




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Thrown out by her own family when Victoria was trying hard to find a shelter for herself and her sick little brother.. He appeared, an ugly looking rich man with a life changing offer.. She has to marry him and be his wife and in exchange he will give her a shelter and her brother's medical fee's.. She agreed for the sake of her brother and stepped into his world where lots of unknown dangers were waiting for her!! But, when the truth revealed, he turned out someone beyond her imaginations and her identity changed dramatically!! Yet, he won't not let her go!! Because, they have been vowed to be together till the end.....


Victoria was seating stunned, on the dirty couch in her match box size apartment.. She just couldn't believe what just happened few seconds ago!! ....... Flashback started... "Go to sleep baby.. I am massaging your head, okay?" Victoria said to her eleven year old brother lovingly.. "But, I want to play games a little more.." Vincent whined and pouted his cute thin lips.. She smiled gently and pecked on his little nose "I know you wanted to play, but you also need some sleep after taking this medicine, Vincy.. "Hey, don't call me me Vincy! It's too girly!!" He was a bit annoyed hearing his nickname given by his elder sister.. "I won't, if you listen to me and close your eyes like a good boy.." Victoria replied playful.. "Finehh.. Guess I should listen to you.. After all, I am giving you a real hard time.. Like a burden.." His last sentence was filled with helplessness and sadness.. "Vincent Hale! Don't you dare saying these nonsense further again!!" Victoria said angrily.. "You are not giving me any hard time and surely, you are not my burden!! You are my brother, understand?" Vincent pursed his lips and nodded his head quickly. He wrapped his arms around her neck, hiding his head on her chest, he spoke slowly with his broken voice "I love you sisi.. You are the best sister anyone can get.." Victoria felt a jolt of warmness inside her heart.. She loves her little brother so much!! Wrapping her arms around him she hold him tightly "I love you too, Vincent.. You are the best little brother one could ever get.." Tears rolled down from her eyes.. "Now sleep, okay? I am massaging your head.." She replied while fixing the quilt on him.. Vincent nodded smiling while whipping the tears away.. "Okay.." After putting him into sleep, Victoria sighed at the sight of the little kid.. Her eyes became teary again.. What a player destiny is, isn't it!? Otherwise, why would this innocent kid is suffering from the deathly disease, blood cancer!? He is in the second stage and doctor has suggested a chemo therapy and assured that it's curable.. But the problem is, it's too costly and they doesn't have money for eating three times a day! Then where would she manage the money for therapy!? Currently, Victoria is doing few numbers of odd jobs to collect money for her brother's treatment.. Yet, it's not enough.. It would not be a problem if their father was still alive.. After their father's death their step mother vacant them away from the house, saying that she can not waste all the fortunes to cure Vincent.. It's been more than five months and somehow both brother and sister managed to fight with all the crisis.. But now, it's looking like she is going to fail it.. "Ting tong~ ting tong~"... Victoria jerked out from her thoughts hearing the door bell.. She looked at the watch, it's 8 p.m at night. Who would come at this hour! Maybe, the landlady! But, didn't she begged for another week yesterday!! Nervous, Victoria opened the door and she literally jumped in fear seeing four men in front of her.. All of them were expensively suited.. but, one has covered his face with hoody.. "Y.. Yes!?" She asked nervously.. "Miss Hale?" The guy beside the hoody man asked.. "Y..yes.. I am.. But, who are you?"

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