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The CEO's Dirty Little Secret




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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No matter how many times she had slept with him, she always got butterflies when she saw him. After all, the man she slept with is Roman Ashfield, the hottest stud in all of England. Evelyn Bright should have said no to this dangerous man but it was too late now. She even signed the bed partner contract many months ago. Now her doorbell rang. She put her glass down and took a deep, calming breath before she stood and walked out of the lounge. Every step she took down the large entranceway increased the knots in her stomach until she finally pulled open one side of the double doors. And then her breath stopped. One look at him turned her knees to jelly so she had to hold on to the door in case she fell and embarrassed herself. "Good evening, Evelyn," he said in his deep, raspy voice. The voice got her all the time. Like sweet, sweet music to her ears. He could have been a singer instead of a businessman and would have raked in the same billions. "Hi," she answered breathlessly. "Are you going to let me in, or are we putting a show on for the neighbours?" "Sorry. Yes, come in," she said as she opened the door wider. He strolled in like he owned the place. Which he did. He owned everything in this house, including her. She had no neighbours. Roman had planned it that way. Her nearest neighbour was over a mile away, so she was tucked away in the country where no one could see her. Like the dirty secret that she was. "You could just use your key," she reminded him as she shut the door. "That would be rude. This is your house," he said. She tried to stop her eyes from wandering over his body as he took his coat off and hung it in the cloakroom to the side of the entrance. Which was stupid, because she was allowed to look. He belonged to her as much as she did to him, on paper at least. Roman was six feet five worth of pure muscle. Broad shoulders, an eight pack, the works. And when he turned back to face her, she was struck again by his piercing dark blue eyes. A woman could drown in those eyes. There wasn't a single lock of his luscious dark brown hair that was out of place but by the end of the night, it would all be deliciously tousled. With his neatly trimmed stubble and bone structure of a god, he was always in the Top Ten Bachelor lists in London. "Ready?" he asked, holding out his hand. Yes, a woman could drown in those eyes, especially if he looked at them like this. His gaze slowly travelled down her body before it met hers again, and the scorching heat she saw in them made her breath catch again. She would never understand why he had chosen her, an average Jane from an estate in Birmingham, to do this with, but yes. She was ready. So ready. She took the hand he offered and let him lead her up the stairs to her bedroom. And then the moment she was in, he closed the door and slowly backed her against it before he brought his lips down. This was why she was failing. This was why she couldn't separate real life and pretend. This was why she was getting so attached. Roman kissed like he was made for it. His lips... They fueled heat in her veins that melted her bones. All the time. He worshipped her body like it was just the two of them in the whole world, and she supposed it was. He was her whole world. When he finally released her, he took a step back as he loosened his tie. She didn't dare move until he told her to, but judging by the way his eyes hooded as he looked at her body, she knew she had been right about the lingerie-it wasn't going to last long at all. And this will be another wild night. She moaned as she sleepily turned her body fully to him and opened her legs to accommodate him. She sunk her fingers into his hair to hold him in place so he could continue to do what he was doing. The man's tongue was a gift that he was very generous with. Roman wasn't a selfish lover, which was probably why it had been so easy to fall in love with him. But that, of course, was against the rules. She arched her back as he licked before he moved on to the next one. Before she'd met Roman she hadn't been so sensitive but he could make her fall over the edge just by doing this. She moaned loudly as he sucked hard while she tightened her grip on him. She had lost count of how many times she had already screamed his name but she knew this would be the last time before he took himself back to his real life. Her body was already deliciously sore and her voice was hoarse from all the screaming. That was another thing she had never done before the first time she had ended up in his bed. She never knew what came out of her mouth, but she knew it was loud and obnoxious. Roman lowered his hand and placed it between her legs. The moment she felt his fingers she was ready to explode, but he kept his pace slow and uneven, teasing her so she couldn't get the release that her body craved. "Please..."

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Book Type: Digital


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