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Her Eternal Mr.Right




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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"Irene, I heard that your husband Edric has brought another woman to the hospital for a prenatal checkup yesterday..." Irene Nelson burst into laughter and replied, "What? You think Edric is cheating on me?" "Yes!" "Don't worry. Of all men, Edric's the last person in the world who would do that." After Irene hung up the call with her uncle, she called her husband Edric Myers immediately. However, it took him a long time to pick the call, then there was a cold voice coming in, "I'm very busy. Don't call me next time if there's nothing urgent!" He sounded so annoyed and emotionless, hung up before Irene could say anything. Irene held onto the test results, feeling as if her burning passion was frozen instantly. Three years of marriage, Edric was always very gentle to her. But recently, he's been different. Big attitude, impatient in every phone call, not just cold, it seemed that he had lost his commitment to the marriage, to her. But Irene didn't know why. With her mind preoccupied by her thoughts, Irene turned and saw a figure pop up before her. "Sis!" a gentle voice called out. When Irene looked over, she saw Lily Cook who was accompanied by a middle-aged woman. Irene frowned at the sight of Lily, who was the daughter of a mistress. With a look of contempt on her face, she retorted coldly, "What sister?! Watch it Lily, my mother only has one daughter and that is me." Instead of getting angry by her reply, Lily merely beamed and asked gently, "Irene, are you here for your infertility check up again?" "It's none of your business." "Aren't you going to ask me why I'm here at the pregnancy check up area?" Lily asked and raised an eyebrow at Irene provocatively. She then chuckled and announced, "I'm carrying Edric's child!" Irene only noticed her tiny baby bump right after she said this. All along, Lily had been very obvious about her feelings towards Edric and would always find ways to hook up with him before he married Irene. However, Irene merely sneered and replied, "Shut your mouth! Are you out of your mind?" "You don't believe me? Well, take a look at this!" Lily then flashed her check up report to Irene and Irene's expression instantly changed when she saw the familiar handwriting on it. She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw Edric's signature. "I slept with him four months ago. He was such a beast and wouldn't stop his hunger on my body all night, turned out I got his baby that night...hahaha," Lily declared and grinned proudly. "He likes this child so much and asked me to keep it. You could step down once my child's born." "You son of a...shut up!" Irene roared and, trembling with rage, struck Lily across the face. Lily instantly fell to the ground as if she had been anticipating this, "Ouch, my stomach!" she shrieked. Irene only slapped Lily on the face, but crimson red blood began to ooze out of her trousers the moment she fell to the ground. Irene was taken aback and could hardly believe what just happened. The medical staff instantly rushed Lily off to the emergency room. Afraid to leave the scene, Irene too followed after her. After waiting outside the room for quite some time, Irene heard the sound of footsteps and when she glanced up, saw her mother-in-law, Margaret Moore. Glaring at Irene furiously, Margaret asked, "What's going on? How did Lily end up in the emergency room?" "Miss Nelson... No, Mrs. Myers pushed her!" The middle-aged woman who had been accompanying Lily answered. "You wicked wench! You're a fruitless tree! What, now you won't allow someone else to bear Edric's child? What the heck is wrong with you!" Margaret shrieked and slapped her in the face. As Margaret had never liked Irene, she was merciless, Irene's face quickly began to swell up. Earlier before, she had thought that Lily was lying but Margaret's attitude explained everything. A burst of despair grew in Irene's heart and it felt so suffocating that she nearly passed out. But right at that moment, the door to the operating theatre opened and a nurse walked out to inform them that Lily had lost her baby. Margaret went ballistic when she heard the breaking news and immediately charged over to yank Irene's hair before she began to thrash and kick her. Irene quickly blacked out from the violent beatings. When she finally regained consciousness, opened her eyes to a sea of white. She tried to sit up but her body ached so terribly that she had to lean against the headboard of her bed to catch her breath. But right at that moment, the door to her ward opened and a man wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses came in. "Hello, Miss Nelson. I'm Mr. Myers' lawyer!" "Lawyer?" Irene repeated and stared at the man before her in shock. "Yes, I'm Mr. Myers' private lawyer. He entrusted me to handle his divorce proceedings with you."

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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