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Love After Divorce




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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Stella had been married to Rene Kingston for three years. But they didn't get married because of love...Her marriage with him was just a contract, with three years time limit. Because the woman he loves was her sister... RK was about to get married to her sister Sophia, but because of some reason, she was the one who replaced her sister. So from the day they get married, he told her that their marriage was just three years contract and nothing more... Their marriage was indeed just a contract for RK but for Stella, it was a beautiful gift given by God. Because only she knows how happy she was When she found out she was going to married to RK... The person whom she had loved for her whole youth. All these years Stella did her best in this marriage with the hope, Maybe in this way, their marriage would work out. Maybe he doesn't divorce her. Maybe, he also wants to stay with her... Maybe, he gives the chance to their relationship because of the child... Stella was still thinking when suddenly, a voice come from the door and broke all her hopes and illusion... "I don't want this child..." The voice is cold and hard. Stella and Mia both looked in the direction of the voice. RK is standing at the door and looking at Stella. His face is cold and expressionless. You can't tell what he was thinking He had a very handsome face and blue eyes. His blue eyes are like the deep ocean. If you looked into them... Then you will be drowned in it. RK walk inside and stood in front of Stella. He is like a king standing at a higher position in the world and looking down on the people like they are nothing. Stella is sitting on the sofa, surrounded by his aura. Stella just sat there and looked at him. Because she was shocked by his words. She never thought that this man would be so cold-blooded that he didn't even think twice before saying something like this. There is no hesitation in his voice when he said, he doesn't want this child. Stella looked into his eyes and tried her best to calm down and hold back her tears. She didn't want to look weak in front of this cold man. After a while, RK walks over and sits opposite Stella. As he sat down, His assistant Alex Triston put down the papers on the table. The two words "Contract Expire" are written on the top of the papers. Alex looked at Stella and said, "Miss Richard, according to your contract with Mr. RK three years have been completed. Now you both just signed it and sent it." Stella hears how he changed his way of addressing her as Mrs. Rk, even before she still hadn't signed her name and a mocking smile appeared on her face. RK took the pen and signed his name without any pause or thought. After he finished signing his name he looked at Stella and said... "You can stay here for a week and look for the house..." Stella looked into the man's eyes which are calm as a lake... There is no regret, sadness, hesitation... Nothing. It's like he didn't feel anything about their relationship, which has suddenly gone through such a big change... But as this thought come to her mind, she scolded herself... "How can you expect any regret and sadness from this stone-hearted man?" But still, she can't control her emotions... Because she had loved this stone-heated man for so many years. Stella didn't say anything and just looked at the man with whom she had been living for three years. She had seen his face every day, but now when she looked at him, she still found him very handsome... But... He is the man who had broken her heart into thousand pieces. She didn't want to show her weak appearance in front of him so he tried her best not to cry. Stella's hand holding the pen was trembling... Stella was broken from the inside but she didn't show this on her face. After she signed her name, she took a deep breath and said... "I am very grateful to Mr. Kingston that he allowed me to stay here for a week, but after our contract expires I don't think I should stay here. I will leave immediately..."

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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