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Based on true events --- ​The sensation of cold covers dance across my skin as I snuggle more inside, “Goodnight, Daisy,” His warm pecks on my forehead, and then the door closes with a crack. “Clyde…” The door opens again, “Yes, butterfly?” “I don’t want to be alone… please,” He sighs in a chuckle whilst he makes his way over to me, “You need sleep, butterfly,”


The building comes into view as Clyde drives closer towards it… a beautiful old castle building “Wow…” He drives through the gate and his firecracker beat-up truck alerts everyone that we have entered “I seriously need a new car…” I kept my silence as we exit the car… I should admit this honestly since my parents passing, I haven’t seen the inside of the church for many… many years and I am a little scared, to be frank, Clyde slides his arm around my middle and an unknown tingling feeling floats through me and I flinch… what? “Come on, you will love this,”

Book Details

Book Type: Digital

ISBN-13: 9781005866501

Edition: 1

Publisher: Strange Soul


Language: English

Pages: 10

Interior: BW



28-year-old self published author .. in love with life and go with the flow type of craZzo :x:D haha I have been writing since the age of 8 and have ever since striven myself to become better at writing :) I do enjoy all types of genre's and I loVvve challenging myself :)

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