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Effect of the covid pandemic on current economic trends: Career, Money Management and Investment Strategies Kindle Edition by Harsh Doshi




Genres: Business & Money

Book Type:Print & Digital

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The covid-19 pandemic struck without warning and changed the world in ways we didn’t think possible. The millions of innocent lives that have been lost to this pandemic is proof enough of how dangerous the coronavirus is. In the same vein, the pandemic has caused lasting social and economic changes since the early months of 2020. This book torchlights the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world. It discusses the profound effects it has had on we as human beings in terms of how we interact with each other and go about our daily activities. It also investigates the economic impacts of the pandemic. Touching on the millions of jobs that were lost, the countless businesses that were killed and the multi-national corporations who faced massive disruptions in their global demand/supply chains. In this book, you will find real-life scenarios of how small businesses, multi-national corporations had to adapt when the world was brought to its knees. You will also read about the impact of safety guidelines like self-isolations, social distancing and full lockdowns affected these two classes of business. This book discusses the response of the government to the many issues the pandemic raise. It highlights the several ways the government tried to intervene and cushion the effects of the pandemic on citizens, businesses, the health sector and so on. The policies and programs that the government implemented were analyzed in great detail. Moving forward, we examined the global sentiment and how people are reacting to the discovery of COVID-19 vaccines, the renewed sense of confidence and positivity even when things are still rather uncertain. People seem to have accepted that things may never return to ‘the old normal’ and have found a way to make the best of ‘the new normal’. Teleconferencing and other technological innovations that facilitated remote work during the woes of the pandemic are underlined and we resolved that the current trend of remote work will linger into the future. The pandemic showed just how feasible remote work really is and now it seems like it will be the new way to work. One of the other lessons discussed in the book was that of finances. The pandemic revealed just how interconnected and fragile the global economy is and so new investment strategies were explained. The purpose behind these new strategies is to prevent a repeat of what happened to most investors in 2020. The book also explains how those who lost their jobs to the pandemic can leverage online channels and tools to seek out new opportunities. The book also contains useful information that will help candidates prepare for virtual interviews (which is the new trend). This book is a comprehensive compilation of what happened during the pandemic, how the world responded, what the current state of things are and how we can forge ahead wiser and stronger. It is an invaluable resource to anyone of any age.

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