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Genres: Literature & Fiction, Paranormal, Religion & Spirituality

Book Type:Digital

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What kind of demon feels a pang of guilt when demolishing souls? And what kind of angel nudges his human to occasionally get even? Hank Pewter is a demon that loves his job but never racks up numbers to satisfy Lucifer. Gil Newsome is an angel with a little disregard for heaven's purity and frustrates Archangel Michael. Both meet when charged with saving or destroying Karen Lowry's soul who's on the verge of good or evil. Heaven and hell want her soul, and both are watching these two misfits. But someone else wants in on this tug of war. Someone not beholden to heaven or hell. Who will prevail? Will Hank destroy or Gil save this soul? Or maybe that's not what this demon and angel truly desire.


I still can't believe that after all I've done to get heaven's and hell's attention, they send minions to stop me! Screw them! "A god of my status deserves more than those two idiots. Here I am expecting legions of angels and demons to fight me. Silly me! I forgot you don't fight in heaven, and you only do sneak attacks in hell, right?” I bristle. …I pause, waiting for His response. None. Typical! "Okay, gloves are off. Karen's in my possession now and there's nothing your minion and Lucifer's can do about it." I sigh. "You both know what I want, and if I get it, I'll let her go. Whoever meets my need first gets the girl. I know I can't kill the three of them, but there are ways to mess with the souls of Hank and Gil. And, more than that, when I'm done with Karen, even her blood and heritage will not save her." Lightning strikes all around my bedroom, leaving the room with a smoky smell. "That’s your reply, threat, and anger? That won't stop me. Nothing will. Whatever happens, you started this fight. You took away my home and I want it back." I turn to my right. My claws burst out and tear the bedsheets. My horns poke the pillow. My scaly skin rubs noisily against the sheet, and my tail swings gently as I fall asleep. Good to be me again. Oh, what fun times ahead.

Book Details

Jodi Layne loves and writes about all things supernatural, and a multi-genre writer, who has something for everyone in her works. She's a worker bee who writes on her downtime. You'll find her books are easy to read, a bit of humor here and there, written against the norm and usually based on a case of 'what if'? She loves to write novellas. Jodi will tell you that she's not writing the 'next great American' novel, just stories that make you laugh, smile, or cry for a little while. Other than writing, she loves KDramas, JDramas, CDramas, TDramas. You can follow Jodi on these sites: Twitter: @JodiLayne2 Instagram: laynejodi Discord: laynejodi Facebook: Tumblr: laynejodi

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