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Life in the Past Lane - Learning How to Focus Forward




Genres: Advice & How-To, Nonfiction, Self Help & Relationships




Book Type:Print & Digital

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This book will benefit anyone who may be struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. Written to appeal to readers of all ages, this journey through childhood, adolescents, and adulthood is not only motivational and inspiring but informative and helpful. The ups and downs and challenges we face and strategies to overcome these obstacles are well documented throughout this book. Like all good stories, Life In The Past Lane has a beginning, a middle, and an ending, with the ending actually being a new beginning for you, as you utilize the strategies from this book to live your best life. You will find strategies used by a psychologist and strategies using a common-sense approach backed by the lived experiences of others to help guide you and support you to focus forward on better days ahead. Learn how to focus forward on where you are going instead of focusing on where you have been.


Life can be hard, sometimes much harder than it needs to be. This is not breaking news, especially during this difficult time we have all been trying to navigate through. Dealing with the present and worrying about the future is even more difficult and challenging when we are stuck in the past. We can agree that life should be better, and life should be easier but that is not always the case. We must try and make the best of each day we have, and not continue to be consumed by the negativity of our past. We often grieve what should have been, and live life in the past lane. Living life in the past lane, simply stated, is when you cannot let go of past in order to appreciate the present and future. The goal is to focus forward on better days ahead. Focus forward on what you have to gain, not on what you may have lost.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

Edition: 1

Publisher: BookBaby


Language: English

Pages: 160

Interior: BW

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Rod Woitas is a Registered Psychologist in the Province of Alberta and a Registered Clinical Counselor in the Province of British Columbia. He was fortunate enough to spend 20 years in education working with children, adolescents, and young adults. This led him to his work as a counselor and psychologist. Much of his private practice has focused on helping clients cope and manage anxiety, stress, depression, and better navigate issues, problems, and concerns regarding relationships in their life. His observations as an educator, school counselor, clinical counselor, and psychologist will provide a different perspective than most would hold. Leaning on the lived experiences of his life and the lived experiences of others he has worked with, provides Rod with more insight into the struggles we all have, and some of the solutions to the problems that we all hope to find. His main goal in life right now, through his private practice and writing this book and the ones to follow, is to support people in any way that he can. He wants to provide support for people, so they do not feel alone, sad, depressed, or nervous, worried, and anxious. He believes you get what you give, and that we should do the right things at the right times. He believes this not just because Karma is circling the earth, but because kindness is what we should all be focused on.

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