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"How to Reduce Your Risk of Covid Exposure: For People That Would Rather Be Safe Than Sorry and Survive The End of The World"




Genres: Advice & How-To, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Reference



Book Type:Print & Digital

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Jason Anthony Sturgess brings you his debut book which might save your life from Covid for all of $2.99.! "How to Reduce Your Risk of Covid Exposure" elaborates on essential and comprehensive information about minimizing your risks of being exposed to the Covid-19 virus. Straightforward and not politically correct, this is a must-have resource for all who are looking for accurate information about the Covid Pandemic that's not widely publicized. This book shares where you can get authorized N-95 masks instead of counterfeit N-95 masks online and at stores, and disposable nitrile exam gloves that could save your life. You also will learn about home appliances that reduce Covid exposure, specific places where you are more likely to be infected by Covid, scenarios and people to avoid because the government and media won't fully acknowledge them, and how to survive easily for a year without leaving your home. "How to Reduce Your Risk of Covid Exposure: For People That Would Rather Be Safe Than Sorry and Survive the End of the World" is fully illustrated with great original artwork from Venus Mythe and photos from the Author as well as accurate Covid information not widely known to the public that could save your life. This eBook is as good as a book can be about steps you can take to avoid Covid exposure..


“How to Reduce Your Risk of Covid Exposure” is for the people who would rather be safe than sorry and don't believe Reality is a Disney Hallmark Movie Kumbaya world. In my opinion, the biggest Covid problem is that the United States Government and the media do not state in plain English the chances of getting Covid19 under different circumstances and what those circumstances are. I still don’t know if you can catch Covid by just passing someone on the street for a split second who breathed, sneezed, or coughed. I still don’t know what the chances are of catching Covid from a package, a piece of mail, a newspaper, riding on an elevator with someone, etc. For instance, many people in Los Angeles aren’t aware they currently have a 15% chance of getting Covid every time they step out the door. Given all that, I just assume the worst possibility and try to minimize my exposure to that possibility as best I can which is the basis of this book. Hopefully, this ebook will make you more aware of Different Covid Exposure Scenarios. Then, you can decide for yourself if you want to minimize your chances of being in these scenarios. It’s up to you to decide.

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