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The Lycan Alpha's Mate (Second Chance)




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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Being rejected by her mate and first love, leaves Emily devastated and shattered. But not for too long. *** Emily Starling is a headstrong young woman born to the Alpha and Luna of moonlight pack. She loved her family and pack so much that when she got to know her pack was suffering financially. She was eager to help. In desperation to save her pack from poverty, she accepted an offer to become the Luna of a lycan Alpha, who was in search of a Luna for his pack. Zane Sloan, is a 28 years old Alpha of a lycan pack. He is known for his charms, success and Ruthlessness. After witnessing the death of his mate, left him bitter and angry. He lost his will to live. What kept him going was his love for his family and pack. Zane didn’t want a second chance mate. But he wanted a Luna. Someone to keep the pack together. Someone strong and of Alpha blood... That was why he chose Emily Starling. Daughter of Alpha Ethan Starling. What happens when Emily turns out to be his second chance mate? Will he reject her? Will Emily accept him? Read on to find out

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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