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What Doesn't Kill You: One Cop's Perspective on Homelessness, Mental Illness, and Addiction




Genres: Nonfiction

Book Type:Print & Digital

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When Eric Hofstein changed his career path, he didn’t expect to meet hundreds of lost souls, many of whom were desperate to be found. Here he shares what he learned about how the people he met became homeless, what kept them on the streets, and how to help them improve their lives. He learned what true harm reduction is, and how to manage his expectations and not center himself in his outreach work. Now retired, Eric is compelled to give voice to those whose stories inspired him so that others can be inspired in turn. This memoir of essays illustrates his path, and offers important insights into how to mitigate the trauma of homelessness.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9798374259964

Edition: 1

Publisher: Amazon


Language: English

Pages: 130

Interior: BW

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I am a retired police officer and just self published a non-fiction book on my later years of police patrol service morphing into outreach work trying to help the homeless in San Francisco suffering from addiction and mental illness. I provide insight into these three issues from an insider perspective with stories of cases and some of my experiences. I hope to educate people as to the realities of homelessness and create a call to action.

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