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Revelation Explained




Genres: Christian Books & Bibles, Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality


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Revelation Explained answers the most difficult prophetic questions about the last days of the age we live in. Who is the Antichrist? What is Mystery Babylon? What is the Mark of the Beast? When is the Great Tribulation Period? Is the Rapture Mentioned in Revelation? Will Christians Go Through the Great Tribulation Period? What is the Sequence of Events in the Book of Revelation? The solutions to these difficult topics are derived from the original Old Testament prophecies brought forth to the end of the New Testament. The symbology of Revelation will be easier to interpret once we see this thread woven into a close-knit pattern throughout the Bible. This book will demystify Christ's final prophecies about the end-times. You will learn about the reasons for God's judgment upon the earth, along with many important characters such as the Beast, the False Prophet, and the Antichrist. After reading this book you will be able to recognize these symbols through their concealment. It has never been so important to know how foreseen events will become more visible for those with eyes to see.

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Refunds: Yes (within 1 day of purchase)

KJ Soze is a Christian non-fiction publisher that uncovers “lost in plain sight” topics of the Bible such as salvation, end times and the afterlife. He integrates over 30 years of experience in historical and biblical research with his scientific and analytical skills to present refreshed orthodox understandings of the Bible. KJ enables Bible disciples to see the obvious as he strips away at mythological and cultural lenses that often blind our beliefs from God’s intentional gospel. Books and articles by KJ Soze cut across various denomination lines to help find unity and clarity for those who may hold differing interpretations. “I write about biblical history woven into prophecies about the future to help readers see the thread of God’s message for them today.”

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