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Please Spare Me, Cold General




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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Dressed like a crazy woman, Yu Qing looked at the sky speechlessly. There were really people in the world who had drugged him. I bumped into a weak and handsome man who was poisoned... "It's urgent in Jianghu. Handsome guy, help me!" Yu Qing threw himself at the imperial master who had gone berserk, and then fled after having a clean meal. When the imperial master woke up, he was furious. "Damn woman, if I find you, I will teach you a lesson!" When Yu Qing returned home, she was unable to extricate herself from the house fight. The Nation Master came over with a murderous look, but was scolded by Yu Qing, "Who are you, handsome man?" He was so angry that he shouted, "Two Buddhas rise to heaven." Later, when she killed someone, he handed her a knife. When she got into trouble, he supported her and protected her to the extreme. He held Yu Qing in his arms and held her high. Yu Qing was confused. Was this the right way to open the script?

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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