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Redhead in a Blue Convertible




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Buckle up. The ride is about to begin... British doctor Sarah Farnsworth's life spirals out of control when she loses a patient during surgery, then soon after, loses herself. When it looks like she will be lost forever, the road of fate leads her to a blue convertible owned by the mysterious Billy Caldwell. She is informed Billy has twenty-four hours to get out of town and needs her help to get all of his affairs in order. But why does he have to leave? And what is the big hurry? As they drive around Atlanta in Billy's ragtop, visiting the people and places dear to him, Sarah realizes the crisp, October air has breathed new life into her due to her new friend. What she doesn't realize is Billy has been watching her. For years. And someone has been watching Billy. For decades...


Sarah returned to her loft and could think of only one thing. Her bed. She thought about what it would be like if she brought Billy back and shared her bed with him, but that was a fantasy for later. The exhausted redhead dropped her purse and keys on the floor and made it to the bedroom on sheer instinct. There she collapsed, not bothering to take her shoes off. Instinctively, she pulled a blanket over herself, which was a feat she wouldn’t remember doing when she woke up later. Sarah slept all morning, woke up with a headache, so she popped two aspirins, then went back to bed. This time, however, she realized she never took her shoes off, so she mustered enough energy to remove them. The next time she opened her eyes, the room was dark. She could see shadows, but everything was fuzzy. The only thing coming clear to her was her square alarm clock with the red numbers reading 7:11pm. She lay in bed, her body slowly waking up. Her eyes stared at the slivers of light coming from the skyscrapers around her building as they slithered in between the slits in her blinds. Sarah was coming back to life and the first thing she realized was her stomach was empty and her mind considered what the options were. She remembered there were a few slices of pizza from Thursday night left in the refrigerator, so she would have something to eat once she had the energy to get out of bed. She laid peacefully in the darkness, her mind rested and open to comprehending what the last twenty-four hours were all about. She thought about Billy, his dark green eyes and the way he looked at her when things ended earlier that morning. The kiss was burned into her brain and would remain there for a long time. Perhaps forever. That powerful, awe inspiring kiss left her drained of thought and reason. She had never kissed a man like that before with such savagery and doubted it would ever happen again unless their paths crossed a second time. As she thought about the morning, she was happy it stopped where it had. The kiss, and the way they looked at each other when it was over, made her a believer in magic, which was the message Billy told her to keep her heart open to. What happened in his driveway was exactly that, magic, because there who would have guessed that would have happened, especially where things began the day before. Now she was alone, and with no possibility of being swept up in the magic of the moment again, she could think about things much clearer now, and it gave her perspective. Billy not letting it go any further made her love him even more than if he would have taken her to his bed. Now, as she lay alone in her warm bed, safe from the consequences of making a bad decision, she longed for him to do just that.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781698991047

ISBN-10: 1698991045

Publisher: 303 Publishing


Language: English

Pages: 450

Interior: BW

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Hello and welcome to my Page! My name is Ivan Scott and I am a Romance Author in Atlanta. Check out my books on my Amazon Authors Page! You can also check out my website here:

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