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As an author my approach to learning and self-improvement comes from my own life experience that is illustrated in my autobiographical book A Voyage Without My Father. A personal journey through grief, growth, and gratitude. My driving ambition is to help others overcome the psychological and emotional barriers that hold them back which led me to undertake a course of study to become a practitioner in Positive Intelligence and Mental Fitness. As a practitioner I guide my clients through a 6-week course so that they realise their peak performance and mental fitness both personally and professionally. This app-based programme allows us to turn down the volume on those negative voices in our heads and recognise them as not relevant tour growth. As a keynote speaker and business coach, those attending my presentations and sales courses, have gained greater confidence, heightened communication abilities, new insights and an ability to win more business. I have been an estate agent and my early career was in advertising working for an agency with Mafia connections. As a speaker I talk on several topics relating to communication, selling, influence and persuasion and present on TV, to corporates, at symposiums and at conferences. The same processes and frameworks I used when coaching others how to sell on TV are the same when we are seeking to get our message across. I have written a book on the subject called Stand Up and Sell that enables those who follow these tried and tested processes to be more effective in their sales and presenting activities. As a trained voice over I have also been the ‘voice of god’ at award functions. My claims to fame are having popcorn thrown at me by Julia Roberts in Notting Hill, being sworn at by Kate Winslet in Branner’s Hamlet and my life as a background artist. Also, various other anecdotes about my work with Nigella Lawson, Lulu, and others and what goes on behind the scenes at QVC.

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