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Andrew Harrowell always wanted to be a writer but in some way, shape or form, life got in the way. In September 2016, he took the decision to finally try and develop his creative writing skills – attending two evening courses at Watford College. These sessions transformed his view of the blank page – no longer did he fear the white space, but relished it. Based on the positive feedback from his tutor, as well as taking First place in the Advanced course’s flash fiction competition, he decided to go further and write a novel. He is delighted to be entering the Kindle Storytelling competition 2020, making his debut effort available in eBook and paperbook copy. Andrew is now working hard to complete his proof reading (aka ‘does a comma really need to go there?’) on his next novel: a futuristic, whodunnit that will challenge a damaged character, escaping a broken planet. If you’d like to claim a free short story from Andrew, or find out how to get in touch go to Andrew is always open to consider writing opportunities and if you think you have something that might be of interest to him, please do drop him a line.

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