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The Protector novel is a romance story about Levi Garrison. You can read this novel on Bravonovel App or web.


“Everyone knows why you're back. You want to leech off the Garrison family; you want our money, isn't it?!” “You've long been expelled from the Garrison family, you ungrateful wretch! The Garrison family has nothing to do with you! Now, get lost!” Levi's adoptive parents rose to their feet and pointed at his nose, hurling abusive remarks at him. The Garrison family's brazenness of distorting the truth was mind-bending. How disappointing! He had thought they would feel somewhat apologetic after six years, but they were unexpectedly more aggravated. They took everything from him, crippled him, and ruined his reputation, turning everything upside down and making everything his fault instead. The Garrison family didn't have the slightest bit of compassion to speak of. Bryan zipped towards Levi, assessing him condescendingly. “Hmph! Don't you just want money now that you're back?” Flap! Bryan threw a credit card to the ground and lifted his foot, shaking his leather shoe. “My vamp is dirty. Lick it clean, and the one million in this card is yours!” His words elicited a fresh burst of laughter as the crowd looked at Levi as if they were looking at a dog. “Oh my! One million? That's more than enough to cover his living expenses. I bet he'll lick it!” Victoria gave a wry look. “On your knees!” Bryan roared, seeing that Levi was glaring at him. “Now, lick my shoe!” Levi stared at him coldly and held his peace. “Kneel!!!” Bryan rushed to Levi and pressed his shoulders, forcing him to kneel, but the latter didn't budge. “I said kneel!!!” Bryan struggled to rivet him to the spot. “Drop dead!” Levi suddenly slapped Bryan in the face, sending him flying almost eight meters away. Silence engulfed the room; one could even hear a pin drop! Unbelievable! Everyone in the Garrison family was stupefied. What did Levi just do? Did he just knock Bryan to the ground with a single slap? Plod! Bryan was about to get up when Levi stepped on him, crushed him, and crossed over him. Looking at the approaching Levi, Joseph instinctively stepped back. Levi went up the stage and adjusted the microphone stand. Everyone looked at him, wondering what he was going to do next. “Listen up, everyone...” “I'm sure you remember what happened six years ago, yes? For the love and care I had received from the Garrison family during childhood, I'm giving you one month to kneel before me for three days and three nights to repent your sins!” “Remember, that's everyone from the Garrison family!” “If I don't see any shadow within a month, the outcome is simple—I swear I'll wipe off every single one of you here today!” Levi's voice was low and deep. But as soon as he finished, the crowd was laughing like a drain. “Did prison life eat his brain or what? What conceited nonsense is he spouting?” “The Garrison family right now is a juggernaut in North Hampton. He's just a criminal. Isn't it a pipe dream to destroy the Garrison family?” “Did he knock his brain loose or something?” ... “Bear in mind that I have limited patience. You only have one month! Of course, you may gather your strengths and connections to fight against me! I'll be waiting.” Levi then took his leave straightaway, disregarding the mockeries of the crowd.

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