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Genres: Science Fiction

Book Type:Print & Digital

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“You may call me Sways,” the Sunaj research team hears from a telepathic alien host when they arrive at an unknown planet fifty light-years from Earth, in answer to a distress call from the ocean-dwelling species. The towering treelike creatures enter into a partnership of discovery with the human arrivals to find the solution to a life-threatening challenge facing these gentle Ocean denizens. The Sunaj team, mostly newly-evolved “H2s” with enhanced abilities, uncover a 40,000 year-old mystery that ties the planet Ocean to ancient Earth. This discovery, coupled with the research at the Sunaj Lab in Frazier, Washington, may explain what triggered the recent human evolutionary changes. Weaving together the threads of the “Janus Unfolding” series into a satisfying conclusion, Inheritance broadens the scope of futuristic exploration as it embraces all forms of intelligence in a new “family of being.”

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781511696692


Language: English

Pages: 216

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. I am very optimistic about what we humans can be, and you will find that optimism expressed in all that I write.

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