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Skin City




Genres: Computers & Technology, Politics & Social Sciences, Science Fiction



Book Type:Print & Digital

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The Virtu-Tech Corporation has created the most sophisticated virtual reality software in the world, creating an amusement facility called Skin City. Even as patrons flock to the entertainment park by the thousands, a mysterious insider leaves a bundle of clues at the doorstep of a veteran detective, in hopes that he will follow the trail of bread crumbs and expose a devious plot behind the technology of Skin City.


He turns to the mysterious package on the table and cuts into the wrapping paper, then tears it off with his hands. He finds the seam of the box and slices it down the middle. The box contains numerous grocery items: A 12-oz bottle of Prime-Ade (energy drink), a Smash candy bar, a 16-oz container of Fit-n-Trim Diet Shake powder mix, an 8-oz bag of Blue Velvet Potato Chips, a 6-pack of Caramel Crunch Cookies. And an 11-oz container of Zappuchino Coffee Creamer. Finally, he pulls out a note, which has a list of chemical ingredients: 1. Ultimalose 2. Trenadium 3. Blue Dye #7 4. Nutri-Soy Protein 5. Hydrogenated Palm Oil 6. Soybean Sulfate. 7. TCE Herb begins to look at the ingredients on the back of each product, and notices that all of them contain at least one of the chemicals on the list, highlighted with a yellow marker.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

Edition: 1



Language: English

Pages: 283

Interior: BW

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I was inspired to read, because of programs like "The Book Mobile." Reading opened up a whole new world of imagination for me. As I grew up, I found that I a flair for writing, and I decided it was time to write my own stories, and hopefully inspire someone like myself to stretch their imagination through reading and writing.

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