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Stopping a dangerous Revolution: Providing insight into some of the biggest cultural and social challenges with solutions




Genres: Nonfiction, Self Help & Relationships, Society & Culture




Book Type:Print & Digital

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There are numerous questions people ask about why society is the way it is, why people act the way they do towards others, and why people choose to mistreat people for no reason at all, among many other questions. People want answers and we tend to look at situations in maybe 1-3 shades of gray when there are countless shades of gray that we should be considering. We only look at something from one or two perspectives when there are many that we just aren't thinking of that we should be. I'm providing in-depth information including numerous factors (examples) and explanations as to why society is what it is with the cultural and social challenges that exist, which shouldn't exist because it isn't beneficial to anyone. We don't need prejudice, racism, hatred, discrimination, etc. as there is no place in the world for any of these. We complain about the issues that exist, yet reject the ideas of how to change them, and keep doing as we've always been, expecting different results. My book provides a lot of important and valuable insight into why people are the way they are with mistreating others and ways that we can change ourselves to better society and make the world better for everyone. The issues in society don't start with someone else or by pointing the finger, it starts with us, we must be the example that we want to set for others to follow. Just like negativity trends easily and in a big way (like a ripple in water), positivity needs to trend in an even bigger way and needs to be maintained. Nothing is impossible, if you want it bad enough, we must be willing to work hard and be consistent at it and persevere no matter what. My first book is written in 1st person POV (conversational format). I address 13 popular social & cultural topics in-depth with content you'll never find in any reading while providing some solutions to them. I provide perspectives and countless variables that people likely never thought to consider with others and situations in their day to day. I discuss many mentalities and behaviors which are damaging on a much larger scale and it's having a much greater influence on others both directly and indirectly in ways that we probably don't realize. What purpose does racism, prejudice, discrimination, bullying, hatred, etc. serve that’s beneficial to society? If things aren't working as they are (which they haven’t for centuries and longer), then why aren't we doing something to change what’s broken? People don't want a better and more accepting society and it shows. People should not have to wake each day wondering if they're going to be bullied or just mistreated. No one should be mistreated for any reason, as there is no just reason for it! If you don't expect to be mistreated, why would you mistreat someone who woke up expecting the same? I provide an in-depth, more analytical, and philosophical explanation of why certain issues exist. I discuss each topic, giving examples, and break them down providing more detail of some of the possible reasons as to why people do them including possible root causes. I provide some of my own life experiences for certain chapter topics. Everything discussed, I have witnessed first-hand and have experienced. This is unlike any book you've ever read, and it’ll be one of the most thought-provoking books you'll read! I share a ton of valuable info you'll never find in any piece of literature, in quite the same way, it'll likely blow your mind!

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I'm 37, and have gone thru & witnessed firsthand many cultural & social issues that have not only affected me but also the way I view the world and people. I consider myself a warrior and survivor, not a victim. As the saying goes, "God gives the toughest battles to the strongest soldiers" and I never knew what this meant until I experienced the things that I have. Based on what I've gone thru, witnessed throughout my life, gained thru experiences, and learned thru those positive and negative situations, I realized the snippets of information and my viewpoints which I've shared with others resulted in mostly positive feedback and gratitude. So I decided to write a book sharing more of my insight in-depth regarding just some of the popular social issues that I've experienced and witnessed firsthand thus far and share it with the world.

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