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CEO's Love in Trap




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Gabriella was a poor and innocent girl. She lived alone in a house that's inherited from her parents. Until one day, the house was destroyed by the Quebracha Company. When she met with the CEO to protest, an incident occurred. "You, lecherous man! Are you not satisfied with destroying my house? So, you took my virginity?” "Confess it! You purposely held your house to block our project, then now you're tricking me to sleep with you. What's your real intention, huh? Who paid you?" Max Evans, the successful and handsome young CEO, accused her of being a messenger woman. What happened next? Could Gabriella earn the CEO's trust? Or even his heart and love? Would those people realize that they were both framed?


Have you ever been tired of facing this life? Every day, the weight on the shoulders becomes heavier. Even so, your feet must keep walking because time has no mercy to anyone who is weak. That was how a girl in her little house felt. Whenever the sound of building debris was heard approaching, she would press the piano keys with more vigor. When the noise was louder, she turned the volume control knob almost to the maximum. Nothing in the world could stop her from playing the piano, except for the ringing of the bell for the fifth time. “Aaargh! Who else is that? When will they stop bothering me?" With heavy and fast steps, she approached the door. "What's wrong?" she asked fiercely. The handsome figure outside the door blinked. However, a second later, the man's cute smile curved perfectly. "Good afternoon, Miss Gabriella," he said pleasantly. The girl furrowed her brows observing the strange man who was suspicious. Well-groomed black hair, long white shirt in the middle of a hot day, and shiny loafers on the toes. The man had to be a Quebracha Company employee who was sent to win Gabriella's heart. “Do they think my decision can be changed because of a handsome boy? Tch, what a superficial idea!" The girl thought with one corner of her lip twitching faintly. "If you want to persuade me to sell this house, sorry ... I'm still not interested. Please tell your boss to stop bothering me and this house. You will only waste time and energy." The girl pulled the door without further ado, but the man spontaneously held the door with his strong arms. The host's eyes widened at the unexpected courage. "What?" The girl asked while pushing the door so it didn't open any wider. She was afraid that the stranger would force his way into her house. "I come here not for that." A sweet smile was shown again through a narrow gap. "So what?" Gabriella frowned at the unexpected guest. "Since you refuse to sell this house, our company wants to negotiate." “Negotiating? What's the difference with persuading?" "Of course it's different. Therefore, please let me step in and explain it in detail." The girl bit her lower lip and gave a sneer. However, the man in front of her didn't change his expression at all. "You really want to enter this house?" Gabriella asked testing his guts. "Yes." The man nodded without the slightest bit of worry. After considering it for a moment, the host let out a faint sigh and nodded slightly. "All right, come in." The door was finally opened. "Thank you." The handsome man still curved his sweet lips. Even to the point where he sat on the sofa, his hospitality was still radiant. "Have a drink," the host said as her hands put down a cup of coffee and a glass of water. The corners of her lips were rising as well. "Thank you, Miss. So, I'm Max from Quebracha Company." “Yes, I already know,” Gabriella said with pursed lips. "Already know?" The man raised his eyebrows. The girl nodded confidently. "Yes, who else could disturb the peace of my life if it's not employees of the Quebracha company?" The man's tense expression suddenly turned sweet again. "Okay. I apologize for your inconvenience." Gabriella only shrugged briefly.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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