Drake and Lorelai


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Drake Lesarde once knew the only woman in the dream for him was Lorelai Teragon. He knew it, but he had no idea how to approach the warrior woman with that knowledge. He drank with her, slept next to her, and fought beside her as the Viking warrior he was. Lorelai Teragon never found any man worthy of her attention until she met Drake Lesarde. He was a warrior dedicated to raiding and pillaging. It was his single-minded focus. She went with him as a shieldmaiden. He was quiet. There was peace and mutual respect. She thought that would be enough. When Lorelai fell in battle, Drake’s soul cried out for the loss. He followed her into Valhalla. When Dross Rothstein brought his soul back to request he fight again, he had his chance to finally win Lorelai when Dross resurrected her as well. Time and Distance intervened. A thousand years separated them once again. Would their love withstand that test? A True Love Story! ***Warning: Explicit Sexual Situations and adult themes. Intended for Mature Audiences. Steamy PNR Urban Fantasy HEA! NC! 18+ Fated Mates

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Not who everyone thinks she is. The product of someone’s imagination. The end result of a lifetime wishing to get out. Do not buy the lie. If you live in fear, you give up freedom. Taking the risk and making the leap. Too much of anything is a bad thing. Innuendo floating on the mist that rises above the water. Walk away and leave it all behind. Telling the story that haunts a fantasy. Catching a dream. She does not exist. -Ophelia Kee

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