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Boning the Mermaid


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Luca Romano is a charming young man in his late twenties who is unbothered about life; easygoing and carefree. He spends most of his time at the most expensive casinos gambling and engaging in the most spontaneous sexual activities with women. Having run out of funds, he borrows large sums of money from the Italian mafia. He however has been warned of the consequences of not paying back, especially by the consigliere who threatens him with castration and death. He is however unable to pay back and chooses to hide in a Russian casino when the payment of the loan is due, leading to the Italian mafia breaking into the casino to look for him. As a result, they enter into a clash with the most dangerous Russian mafia don, who owns the casino, but later forms an alliance to find him. Luca is on the run from them when he is caught by the side of an old bridge whose location is far from civilization. He pleads with the head of the gang, Circe whom he has fucked in the past, but she refuses, ordering the gang to throw him into the lake. It is there that he meets Hazel, a sexy beautiful mermaid who saves him from drowning and leads him to a cave under the water, where they act on their attraction for each other and engage in steamy sex.

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Book Type: Digital


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Trinity Zook has a dirty mind, and he’s dying to share it with the world. Don’t worry, it’s the kind of dirty you’d love. He doesn’t light up the room, so people don’t automatically take notice of him, but he’s got a really wild imagination, and that’s all the spark the world needs. Growing up on a constant diet of horror, science fiction, cartoons, and Britcoms, Trinity Zook is living proof that too much television will rot your mind. Now, he explores erotica with the curiosity of the cat, seeking out ways in which basic biological functions clash with the hot and steamy side of the paranormal to redefine ecstasy and voluptuous satisfaction. In case you’re wondering, Trinity Zook is perfectly human. He’s a forty-something-year-old guy living in Texas with two dogs.

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